Rajat Tandon

Rajat is a Computer Science PhD student (CV) at University of Southern California (USC), working as a Graduate Research Assistant under Dr. Jelena Mirkovic at the Information Science Institute (ISI).

PhD Advisors : Dr. Jelena Mirkovic and Dr. Genevieve Bartlett

Email: tandon@isi.edu ; rajattan@usc.edu


Current Project

  • FRADE: Flash cRowd Attack DEfense scheme
  • LEADER: Low-Rate Denial-of-Service Attacks Defense
  • Work Experience

    • Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore, India          [July 2013 - July 2016]

        Role: Senior Software Engineer [Advanced Technology Labs]         Mar 2015 - July 2016
        Role: Software Engineer [Advanced Technology Labs]                    July 2013 - Feb 2015

        Research Projects at Samsung:

      • Alter Ego (Team of 20)
        Smart Action Reminder(SAR): Processes conversations and draws inferences using contextual information.
        It also performs temporal/spatial reasoning, semantic analysis and intent recognition generates reminders.
        Note-to-Self (N2S) : Processes notes, performs temporal/spatial reasoning, generates reminders.
        Developed the Dependency Relation Manger for English and French languages.
        Developed Semantic Frame Manager, an integral part of core NLU Engine Technology to process each sentence.

       • Personalized Text To Speech (PTTS) (team of 5): Produce speech in any human voice given few speech samples, using Voice Morphing & Speaker Adaptation approaches.

    • Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India          [Jan 2013 - May 2013]

        Role: Software Engineer Intern

        -Developed a Windows based Mobile Application, called Historian Mobile Client, an automated tool, which triggers events and alarms to help the Process Engineers analyze the plant's performance.
        -Developed an option using which the Engineers can enquire about the functioning of any Schneider Plant.
        -Received appreciation for the flexibility provided to Engineers to be informed about the defects, faults or equipment failures immediately irrespective of location.
        -Eliminated dependency to manually monitor Historian data; provided option to generate custom reports.

    • IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, India          [June 2011 – July 2011]

        Role: Software Engineer Intern

        -Developed a Sales Analytics tool for the IBM Sales Managers, to generate customized MS Excel reports.
        -Implemented the back end utilizing database concepts, SQL queries, and MS Access.
        -Developed the code and front end-backend connectivity using MS Visual Basic (embedding queries in VB code).
        -Improved overall efficiency by 83%, by reducing the amount of work done in 6 hours to just half an hour task.


  • Extracting Episodic Memory from Unstructured Text - United States Patent Number: US14/626144
         Issued: February19, 2015
  •       A system where any device (e.g. personal assistant) that is aware of a user’s episodic memory, would communicate more effectively, by allowing to refer to specific events/content without necessarily providing specific locations/times.

  • A method for automatically converting Notes-to-Self (N2S) to action reminders - United States Patent Number: US15/143070
  •      Issued: April 27, 2016
         N2S analyzes notes (in free-form/natural language/template free) input by the user with the help of Natural Language Understanding and Context awareness, and converts them into action reminders for the user.


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