Understanding Network Testbed Usage



The last decade brought a major change in experimentation practices in several areas of computer science, as researchers shifted from using simulation and theory to using network testbeds. Over this time many diverse testbeds have been built throughout the world, and the trend of building better, bigger and more diverse testbeds continues. On the other hand, there have been no studies on testbed use. Specifically, knowing who uses testbeds, for what research and what are the use patterns and practices would help testbed builders and funders understand the impact of their work and direct their efforts to maximize the payoff. In this research we aim to analyze existing data about testbeds, and collect new data, to understand how testbeds are used, by whom and for what purpose. We aim to follow the usage trends over time and attempt to infer and analyze short-term and long-term trends. We also aim to understand what motivates people to use testbeds and what hinders their use. For those factors that hinder testbed use we aim to understand if they stem from a speci