FRADE: Flash cRowd Attack DEfense



Flash Crowd attack(FCA) is a type of distributed denial of service attack(DDoS) which floods the application server with requests generated from the bots. Its name originate from a legitimate phenomenon, known as a "flash-crowd", where many users access the server because of some popular event. Attackers mimic this by delploying a large, distributed bot network and generate legitimate application requests that overwhelm the application server. Flash-crowd attacks are extremly challenging because they requests legitimate content and at a slow rate to avoid detection. These features makes the existing defenses approaches like rate-based detection and malicious content-based detection, ineffective against Flash Crowd Attacks.

Our Solution

FRADE is a defense scheme to mitigate Flash Crowd Attack by distinguising humans from bots. The goal of the FRADE is to raise the bar for the number of bots needed for a succesfull Flash Crowd Attack. FRADE achieves this by three novel approaches which models the human behaviour to distinguish human users from flash-crowd bots.

FRADE Design


FRADE is in active development, and its beta release will be available soon.


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