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USC/ISI's STEEL lab was founded in 2012 under supervision of Dr Jelena Mirkovic. Its members perform cutting-edge research in two directions:
  1. Designing novel defenses against cybersecurity threats.
    We currently work on:
    • Safe live-malware experimentation
    • Detecting and engaging anti-virtualization malware
    • Flash-crowd DDoS attacks
    • Privacy-safe data collection and sharing
    • Story-based authentication
  2. Improving use of network testbeds and clouds for distributed applications and experimentation. We currently work on:
    • Realistic traffic generation
    • Optimal application allocation on multiple public clouds
    • Study on network testbed usage
    • Improving testbed resource allocation

Please explore the links to learn about our projects, publications and members. You can contact Dr Mirkovic if you have questions or are interested in joining our lab.